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Autograph Info


What’s this new service?

We offer a unique service to obtain autograph(s) at a convention we are exhibiting and you don’t need to be present. We can get it personalized and/or quotations but it’s not guaranteed.  In very few cases, the guest may not allow personalization's due to time constraints or recently we encountered, anything other than an 8×10 photo, is considered a premium item and requires additional funds.  It is usually disclosed on the convention website beforehand. We will make every effort to get what you request.  In addition, we try to get a photo of the guest signing the autograph, not guaranteed but so far we have been successful. After the autograph is obtained, we will take a picture and send it via e-mail or text to you the same day.

How to pay for the autograph:

In most cases you can purchase the autograph online with an e-mail confirmation. You can e-mail us the confirmation and we will redeem it at the convention. In the situations where it is considered a premium item and not disclosed beforehand we will contact you for authorization for additional funds. If the guest charges at their table and through the convention website, we require payment in advance.  We accept PayPal, (we can send an invoice) or all major credit cards, no cash is excepted,  this is for your protection.

Service charges:

Our fee for this service is $25.00 per autographed guest. In cases where you are requesting multiples of the same guest at the same show, the fee is $15.00 for each additional autograph.


The price depends on how it is shipped and insurance.  We ship USPS priority insured. Minimum charge is $15.00. for $100.00 insurance included.  In cases where the value is between $100.00. and $500.00 the price is $20.00 insured. If you request other than USPS priority,  prices are charged accordingly. We pack the autograph(s) with the utmost care, but still they are subject to carrier handling. If the package is damaged, it is the recipients responsibility to document and report the damage to the carrier and follow the claim  process.  If it is determined by all parties the packaging was our fault, we will do our best to replace the autograph, offer a credit or refund.

*DISCLAIMER: if the guest changes the price, cancels, leaves early we are not responsible and will refund your money.

For more info or if you have any questions, please email us.

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